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Oracle BI 10.1.3 Certification

28 September 2010 44,484 views 78 Comments
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Hi Friends,

You must be wondering why it took me so late to put in my next post. Actually was busy with some new modules and project releases. But this time I have a good news to share with you. I have appeared for Oracle BI Foundation 10.1.3 Essentials(Exam code 1ZO-526) exam and cleared it. You can get the details about the exam at this location:

The syllabus is vast and covers the basics of entire OBIEE. But my only suggestion for preparation of this exam is “be clear with the basics”. The questions are simple but asked in a tricky manner. The exam consist of 70 multiple choice questions for which the time allotted is 90 mins.

Kindly post your queries if any furthur details are required.


  • Niranjan K said:

    oh! congrats rohit!..prepare a sample model paper (say 10 questions) based on your memory and what was your preparation material ..that will be very useful
    -Niranjan K :)

  • Ramana said:

    Hi rohit,
    i m planning to write certification, helpout me with meterial which is specified in list of topics in the oracle website

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Naidu
    Oracle has a pool of questions from which you can get random questions. But i would suggest you to stress on basics. Don’t run after the lengthy OBIEE pdfs and i also hope that there isnt yet any material avaliable on the net for this examination. Just be thorough with your basic concepts. Understand the below topics properly:
    Logical Table source
    Aggregation tables
    Datawarehouse concepts

    Above are the major topics on which there will be sureshot questions and that too multiple questions. Also study the basic concepts of Clustering as 2-3 questions come from that.

    If you have the Siebel or OBIEE training ppts just go through them properly as that will help you alot.

    If u wana have anymore queries related to this kindly post them.

  • Jay said:

    Congrats rohit!..

    Im planning to take up this exam. Could you please send me the powerpoint if you have one. Also I would like to know if there is any prerequisite for this certification like I have to take any OBIEE course with oracle. Please guide me.



  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Jayashree

    I dont have any ppts prepared for the same but yeah if you check the previous responses you can get some info on what type of questions are asked in the Exam.
    And there is no prerequisite for this certification and you can check the furthur details on the link which i have given in my post.

    If you have any furthur queries you can post it here.


  • Jay said:

    Thanks a lot Rohit. I will try my best :)

  • Jay said:

    hi Rohit,

    While i am practicing obiee, (Creating and Delivering a Simple iBot), In the Device dialog box, by mistake i entered my person email address instead of entering user@. After this i could not open the presentation services. could you please guide me how to solve this issue.


  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Jay…

    As per what I have understood this is no where related to your unable to access the presentation services.
    Can u elaborate the problem with the exact steps you followed and the paths where you have made the changes.

  • Irfanul said:


    Congrats, can please tell me whether undergoing OBIEE training from Oracle is mandatory in order to take this certification test (i.e. you cannot take the certification test without first going through the training from Oracle certified partner).

  • Vishwa said:

    Hi Rohit,

    I am certified OBIEE (1Z0-526) and wanted to work independently. Please suggest if you have any opportunities.


  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Irfanul

    Thanks alot. As per what I have confirmed the training is not mandatory for the OBIEE certification. In the Oracle site also it is not anywhere specified that the training is mandatory. I am currently waiting for the certificate from Oracle and will update you once i get it.

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Vishwa,

    I cant suggest any opportunities but can say that there are a number of opportunities currently in the market and you should post ur resume on some job sites so that you can get a call.

    I can help u in case you have any OBIEE related problems.

  • Daniel said:

    Hi Rohit, thank you for the information, i did the exam and failed it a couple of weeks ago. i need it because they require it to work at my job. I am hopping to pass on the next try, but if you could give me some extra material that you have or some test dumps, they would help me a lot. Thank You

  • Kris said:

    Hi Rohit,
    Thanks for the topics you mentioned earlier.
    Can you please post some questions you faced, as this will help us to determine the depth of the questions asked in the exam.
    Do you know any preparation exam available yet?


  • Mousa said:

    Dear Rohit

    Congrats!! I have one question for you please, is it required to have an official training from Orcale University in order to take the exam??

    Best Wishes

  • Rohit (author) said:


    No its not required to have an official training from Oracle University for OBIEE Certificaton Exam.

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Krish

    I dont remember the questions as such, but the questions were basic. They are just tryuing to test your basics. The questions are scenerio based. I would suggest you to study the Siebel Analytics training ppts or OBIEE training ppts as they are very helpful for the preparation. Many questions come from that directly.

    No there are no preparation exams available for OBIEE. Try to search some exams on Siebel Analytics as questions are mostly same.

    You should just be clear with your basics and then you can easily clear the exam.

    Kindly let me know if you have more any more queries regarding the same.

  • Rohit (author) said:


    I dont have the test dumps available with me. As you know this is a new exam so you wont even find any dumps on internet also. As i have told to other people, kindly try to get the Siebel analytics training ppts or OBIEE training ppts and study from that. It would be really helpful as most of the questions come directly from that. Try to be clear with your basics and dont go on studying the complex things. Start with the basics first.

    Let me know if you need any more information…

  • jay said:

    Hi guys,

    Based on rohit’s advise i practiced on basic stuff and i cleared the examination on the first attempt. I didnt find it difficult at all. I didnt had any material. I just went through the oracle documentation and i cleared the exam first time.

    Thanks Rohit for your help.


    PS : please let me know the website where i can find obiee job

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Friends

    I have finally received my OBIEE Certificate.

  • Mousa said:

    Hello Guys

    do anyone have OBIEE materials ??

    can you please send them to my email?? I’ll be thankful


    thank you very much

  • Amy said:

    Hi Rohit,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us, in fact i’m planning to take the exam after 3 weeks, so besides the ppt you are mentioning, is there is any other materials i can get through to prepare for the exam, and do u think 3 weeks is enough time for preparation??
    also any support materials please send them to (Halfa128@gmail.com)

    Many thanks

  • swati said:

    i am planning to appear in the 1ZO-526 obiee exam … can anybody help me with the topics and if some help with the questions pls send me at bediswati@hotmail.com

  • dinesh said:

    Hi Rohit,
    i need few clarification for the exam.

    My company has the partnership with Oracle.
    And i have the login access of OPN (Oracle Partnership Network)
    where i can see some of the OBIEE Training material and exam.

    Is this OBIEE Certification is available for free in OPN site.

    As per your link Oracle has $125 has fees for this certification.

    But i am not sure whether this is only for one attempt or i can take more attempt.

  • Rohit (author) said:

    I am not sure where can you find the Training Matrial and Exam for OBIEE. I belive its not yet present with Oracle also. If you have an OPN ID you can access the Siebel Analytics Exams and can go through them. You will benefit from them as many questions are same.

    OBIEE certification is not available for free on OPN.

    The link that i have provided is the Oracle Link and i am not sure about the discounts provided to Oracle Partner companies. This amount is for a single attempt and if you want to give the exam again then in that case some fees needs to be paid.

    Thanks and sorry for late replies…
    Kindly post for any other queries.

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Swati

    The topics are mentioned in the post. Moreover if you want the detailed info on topics then u can find that on the Oracle’s site. Kindly go through tha post and also the threads below and you can have some idea about the type of questions.
    I would recommend you to study: OBIEE/ or the Siebel Analytics training ppts.

    Sorry for the late replies.

  • Rohit (author) said:


    I think 3 weeks is more than enough for the exam if you are clear on your basics. Dont run after the study material as the questions are based on your knowledge. I found the ppt best study material for the exam. Even the questions came directly from the ppt.
    I will again say just be clear with your basics. Work more on Fragmentation in OBIEE, types of Fragmentation, Clustering components, Cache settings, LTS and aggregate tables.
    These were some of the mail topics. If you havent gone through them yet then kindly go through them.

    Sorry for late replies as I was not in town.

  • Dev said:

    Hi Rohit congrats! and thanking you for valuable techi information

  • Mohammad Rafi Ansari said:

    Hi Rohit Bro,

    I am planning for OBIEE Certification in Feb. Any valuable Suggestions…. I also read your precious advice to others about cracking OBIEE Test.

    Mohammad Rafi Ansari

  • Maahi said:

    Nice Blog !!

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Buddy you dont need to worry about it, you can get alot of information from people around.

  • Krishna Prasad said:

    Hi Rohit,

    Congratulations and Thank you for you valuable information on the exam.

  • Shreyashi said:

    Can you please give us study material or any link/website that will be helpful?
    was there any questions of Security?

  • Rohit (author) said:

    I had the hard copies of Siebel Analytics training ppts and i studied from them only. I would recommend you the same. If you can get the OBIEE training ppts or Siebel Analytics Training ppts then they are enough as study material. As I have mentioned also, you get so many scenerio based questions out of them.
    Yes, there were questions on security. The questions are easy but they can have more than 1 alternatives. sometimes has 2 to 3 alternatives which makes it difficult as all the alternatives look right.
    But again if you have clear concepts that shouldnt bother you.

  • cecil said:

    Hie rohit

    I am currently learning obiee version. Anyone who did it can u please send me tips and sample questions and material:

    Send to : nyasha_cecil@yahoo.com. Skype: nyasha98,
    please give me info on obiee test:

    Thanks guys

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Nyasha

    Just a word of advice… OBIEE is a tool don’t learn it… explore it….
    Moreover, you can go through my initial posts and i hope you will get to learn alot about this tool as I have tried to write it in a very simple manner. Do let me know if you face any challenges.
    Regarding the sample questions, I am also thinking to write a post on the sample questions and their answers in near future.

  • Ani said:

    Hi Rohit,

    Would you pls clarify me which OBIEE subjects includes the ‘Using Non-Dimensional Data’ exam topic?


  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Ani

    Even I am not too sure about it. But i can definitely tell you that nothing like this term comes in the exam. Again would like to say be prepared with the basics. Go through the Siebel Analytics ppts as you get 60- 70 % questions out of that directly.

    The only problem in the exam is having multiple answers for a single question due to which a person gets confused as all of them looks correct but they ask to select 2 or 3 options only. So, in such scenarios you need to think and choose the most appropriate options. I am not scaring you out but be clear with your basics.
    Rest you can check the post for the topics.

  • swapnil said:

    hi rohith,

    first of all congratulations to you.
    could you please tell me in how many day you got the certificate and the logo of it.
    and also what is the process to get the logo of the certification.

    am asking this because i have cleared the test a week back but i havent got any mail of certificate.

    please help me with some guidelines


  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Swapnil,

    Thanks a lot. It takes around 6-8 weeks for you to get the certificate. The certificate comes with an id using which you can download the logo from Oracle’s site. So be patient and if it takes longer then you can mail to ocpexam_ww@oracle.com.

    Let me know if you have anymore queries.

  • nyasha said:





  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Nyasha

    They don’t ask about Siebel Analytics, they ask about the basic concepts which haven’t changed from Siebel Analytics to OBIEE.
    About the questions you can refer the blog and you can get an idea of the topics. You can also search if there are some sample papers out in the market.

  • Sowjanya said:

    I’ve cleared the OBIEE Certifiction (1Z0-526). It was very simple questions with basic fundamentals about OBIEE and Datawarehouse concepts. Mainly they asked
    1. DWH Concepts
    2. Logical Layer
    3. Fragmentation
    4. Variables,
    5. Logical table sources.
    6. Dimension Hierarchies.
    7. Clustring
    8. Ibots.

    it’s very simplete questions.


  • Arun said:

    Thanks Sowjanya:)

    thanks for sending the questions.


  • Shailesh Kulkarni said:

    Thanks Sowjanya for sharing ,

    Can you explore more on this questions Pls.


  • vamsha said:


    I am interested in taking the OBIEE ceritification Exam.

    Coudl you please help me how to start up for my preparation!


  • san said:


    I have passed both OBI and OBI Apps exam certification from Oracle University.

    OBI Foundation Certified Implementation Specialist
    OBI Applications for CRM Certified Implementation Specialist

    To the best of my knowledge as long as you are clear on basics you dont have an issue and you can pass it easily.


  • Mohammad Rafi Ansari said:

    Hey Rohit Bhai……

    I have completed ma OBIEE Certification with 80%….

    Thanks to Allah….. Finally I am obiee certified…

    Mohammad Rafi Ansari

  • Surender Reddy said:

    Hi everbody i am intering to write OBIEE certification exame..
    Can i know the all details for these……………….

  • Surender Reddy said:

    what date is avilable for the OBIEE certification exam and How much amount for certification exam….Can you please tell me………..

  • aesgs said:

    Hey Rohit.. congrats… can you please send me the ppts which you have for obiee/siebel..can u upload them and send us the link so that we can download or else send to may mail id.


  • surendra babu said:

    Hi everbody i am intersting to write OBIEE certification exame.
    could you please help me how to start up for my preparation.
    this is my e-mail id:surendra.nsb@gmail.com

  • Rohit (author) said:


    I am sorry but the ppts cant be uploaded/shared because of the oracle security policies. These ppts are given during the oracle training.
    You can try searching or downloading them from Oracle’s site.

  • Ram said:

    Hi All,

    this discussion is very helpful for preparing for certification.
    i have questions in certification
    1)direct like questions about options and archt things
    2)questions from practical point of view.


  • aesgs said:

    Hi Rohit,

    can you please provide me the links for the OBIEE/Siebel PPT’s as i have access to Oracle OTN and have the CSI for that. so if you can provide me the links then i can download or go through them.


  • Mohan Rao said:

    Hi All,

    I am very new for IT Industry . Based on your advice i am also planing to write Exam .

    Rohit.. congrats… can you please send me the ppts which you have for obiee/siebel this is my mail ID zilmohan@gmail.com


  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Mohan,

    I am sorry as I wont be able to share those pps because of my companies policies. Those r oracle’s official ppts which they share when u do a training from them.

  • Nero Absen said:

    Hi Rohit!

    Me and my colleagues are having problems with regard to this certification exam. we hardly do not have any documentation for Analytics nor OBIEE. we are supporting the application as admin only from the Backend and we does not involve for any application side management/developing (e.g rpd creation)

    Can you lend some of your time to write some “essentials points to review” in these particular subject areas:

    1. DWH Concepts
    2. Logical Layer
    3. Fragmentation
    4. Variables,
    5. Logical table sources.
    6. Dimension Hierarchies.
    7. Clustering
    8. Ibots
    9. Security
    10. Cache
    11. Aggregations

    We are gooing to take the exam this Friday and we are eager to pass.
    :(, I hope you could help us.

    Thanks and Regards

  • aesgs said:

    Hey Rohit,

    can you send me the link to my mail id so that i can download them from the oracle site.


  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Nero,

    I can understand your concern but I am really sorry as I dont have the study material with me now. Regarding the topics that you have mentioned above I would like to say that, most of them are the basic topics. The reason certification seems tough is when the basics are not clear. All the above topics mentioned above are too vast and can’t be explained in a single post. Still I will try and elaborate on them according to the certification point of view.
    1) DWH Concepts- This includes knowledge of the Star and Snowflake Schemas. When and why we need Summary tables and how we model it in OBIEE. Concepts related to facts and dimensions.
    2) Logical Layer- This includes some of the topics you have mentioned in your post also like Fragmentation, LTS etc. This also include a major topic Dimension Heirarchies, kindly study about them and also about the Level Based measures.
    3) Fragmentation- A number of questions come on this asking about the type of Fragmentations and why/how we do it.
    4) Variables- Two to three questions come on this topic also. Basically checks your knowledge about the types of variables and their scope and how are they used in OBIEE.
    5) Logical Table Sources- Another vast topic. No direct questions come on this topic as such but the questions based on aggregate tables, fragmentation etc. generally require a good understanding of LTS for answering the questions.
    6) Dimension Heirarchies- I have mentioned this in the above point(point 2). Read about Level Based measures, Drilldowns, Grand total level in heirarchy, chronological keys etc.
    7) Clustering- Frankly speaking I have never been involved in this but its basically a load sharing process. Questions revolve around the types of clustering and what happens in what type. Aronund 2-3 straightforward questions come on this only.
    8) IBots- Study about the cache seeding and purging using IBots. About how IBots can be triggered/created (different ways eg: Javascript,VBScript etc).
    9) Security- Read about the types of securities and how can a user be restricted to view report/data by setting security at multiple places. Expect scenerio based questions. Also, study about preceedence in the object level security eg: User A has ‘Read’ privileges on a folder but ‘No Access’ on the underlying Reports, then what will happen..
    10) Cache- Read about the ways of purging and seeding cache. When cache is created and when a request hits the cache.
    11) Aggregations- Expect scenerio based questions in this also. Read about implementation of Aggregate tables in OBIEE and their usage. Just understand the process and i hope you will be able to answer the questions.

    I hope the post helps you… And Best of Luck for your exam.

  • Robin said:

    Hello guys, if I fail the first time, and then want to re-take the exam, they would give me the same questions or different ones? Does anyone know?

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hey Robin,

    I am sorry but I am not sure about it. I think there must be a pool of questions from which randomly questions are picked. If anybody else has any details about it then kindly share it..

  • Kavitha said:

    Hi Rohit,

    I am working for production support and hence, I would like to do a certification from oracle in OBIEE. But upon checking with some institutes here in chennai, I was told that there are 2 exams one for administration and other one for development. I browsed to find more info regarding this and could find none, from the oracle website, other than the exam which you have mentioned above.
    I have planned to write both the exams, since I have to pay a huge sum, please enlighten me on the same.


  • psharma said:

    Very helpful Blog.. thanks Rohit !!

  • rakesh said:

    hi rohit this is rakesh am in the process of obieefoundation essential certification i tried to collect the docs from various blogs/sites i have a doubt whether the time is sufficent to attempt all the questions and as you have mentioned so many times but still i have a doubt siebel analytics docs will it help during the exam.

  • Rohit (author) said:

    Hi Rakesh,

    Yes, the time is enough to answer all the questions. Infact this depends on the clarity of your concepts because the questions are confusing.
    The siebel analytics docs really help as some of the questions directly appear from the case studies given in that. Also, the concepts are claerly explained in them.

  • AtulV said:

    Hi Rohit and members ,

    I have gone though the above discussion and got lot of useful things for OBIEE certification but still would like to check if anybody has material by now..

    or the link where can i fidn this material


  • m@k said:

    blog is very helpful..

  • Chuka said:

    Planning on taking the exam.

    Does anybody have the training manuals for OBIEE 11G????

    If u do can u please email me at chuose@yahoo.com ?

  • sudhakar said:


    Im looking for OBIEE certification.

    Is it mandatory to take course from oracle university or we can prepare our own and take the exam..i want to know the exact cost of the exam…if anyone knows, can you please let me know the details and links…

  • Rohit (author) said:


    Its not mandatory to take the course from Oracle University. You can directly take the exam when you are prepared. When I appeared for the exam the cost was $125 USD.
    Rest all details can be found in the link which is present in the post. Also, in the post responses I have given brief details about the topics to be covered for the exam.

  • Chuka said:

    I finally got the training manuals

  • SiddaReddy said:

    Hi Rohit

    Can u snd OBIEE Certification Model Paper fr me…

    My Mail Id:sidda008@gmail.com

  • Amit Majee said:

    I am preparing for 1Z0-526 and 1Z0-524. If you have any documents, please can you mail me at amitmaji@gmail.com.

    Many Many Thanks in Advance,


  • Rohit (author) said:

    Great… can you please share the same if you dont have any problems?

  • Kris said:

    I am basically from JAVA background and planning to get into OBIEE. Could you please give me the right path to clear the exam in first attempt.

  • Rohit (author) said:


    I think if you can go thru the queries and replies in the same post, you can get a lot out of it. Still, if you have any specific queries; please let me know.

  • Mayur said:


    Is any body have latest dumps for the 1Z0-591?

    Please do mail on ” goyalmayur89@gmail.com

    Thank You.

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